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The AOE and Scoreboard

The AOE (Automatic Officiating Equipment)
This is the equipment used to automatically record the times of the swimmers. It consists of a set of touch sensitive pads at the end of each lane linked to a computer. Places for each swimmer can be automatically calculated from the times and displayed on a scoreboard. As of 2011, the AOE and scoreboard equipment at the Meres is owned and operated by Grantham Swimming Club.
The Scoreboard
Back in 2011 the club raised enough money to replace the old scoreboard with a brand new LED scoreboard. Grantham Swimming Clubs' scoreboard is the only multi-coloured LED scoreboard in the country! Watch the slide show (below) to see how it works.....
Results Capture
We also link the club's results database management solution - Sports Systems - into the AOE equipment. This allows us to publish results quickly to the website and provide different reports, including personal bests, the Top 8 swimmers in each category and the results of galas.
AOE Ownership and Rental
The AOE is now owned and operated by Grantham Swimming Club. We are able to hire out the facility to other users of the pool for the benefit of Grantham Swimming Club. Our scale of charges is attached.