Zoe Lewis

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Sport qualification:

ASA Level 2 coach

Primary coach:

Senior +

Coaching experience:

  15 years
I used to teach/coach the younger swimmers at Grantham Swimming Club when I was a teenager. I more recently got involved again when my son joined the club in 2009. I helped out lane minding and then in 2012 I qualified as a L2 coach. I now coach 2-3 times per week, as needed. 

Sport experience: 

At school I was very sporty and was good at gymnastics, cross country running and high jump. I was previously a competitive swimmer with Grantham Swimming Club between the ages of 11-18. Former club captain and house captain (Dolphins house). Now I try and get to the gym 3-5 times per week and just generally be more physically active.

A sport hero and why:

Anyone who has the dedication and determination to make it to the top of their sport is a hero to me. I suppose Adam Peaty would be one who currently stands out. For this generation of swimmers he suddenly made the impossible seem possible - he is from our region and many of our older swimmers have met him. He is down to earth and "real", very much inspiring swimmers to believe that if he can do it, then the dream could also be a reality for.

Tell us one random interesting fact about yourself:

I held the high jump record at my school when i was about 14 years old and represented the school as part of the athletics team on a number of occasions.

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