Carolyn Breeze

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Sport qualification: ASA Level 2 coach, Level 4 Diploma in Clinical Nutrition

Primary coach: County squad

Coaching experience: 3 years

Sport experience:

I was a VarsityTrack and Field performance athlete, as a sprinter and a jumper.  My best event was the  triple jump. . I was 4th in the triple jump in the European School Sports Tournament Championships. I hold the triple jump record for 15 years.
I also played American High School basketball, and volleyball. I high scored the basketball season and I won the best player award when I was 17.
I started swimming for Spanish masters in 2012.  The same year I went to Spanish Nationals(masters). In 2013 I competed in British Nationals(masters) and my relay team 4x 50m free at Spanish Nationals won 4th place.
I have been involved in sport all my life, and still run and swim to stay in shape. I have a passion for sports and especially for coaching. I coach the county squad 3 times a week.

A sport hero and why:

Jesse Owens, American 4 time Olympic Gold medallist in Berlin in 1936. Why Jesse Owens? He represents the epitome of Sportsmanship during a time when it was very difficult for multiracial athletes. He was and is a great ambassador to athletes around the world.

Tell us one random interesting fact about yourself:

I speak 3 languages having lived abroad for most of my life. English, Spanish and Dutch. I can also speak and understand some Catalan. I have also done @25,000 nautical miles as a sailor around the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Caribbean. I am a certified diver too.

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