Lou Turner

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Sport qualification: working towards ASA Level 1 Coach

Primary coach: County squad

Coaching experience: from 2016

Sport experience: 

Former County level swimmer, national Biathlete, and top ten age group ranked Modern Triathlete.

A sport hero and why:

"If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail.” – Mark Spitz

Before Phelps there was Spitz... Whilst Phelps is probably the greatest Olympian and swimmer of all time, Mark Spitz paved the way with the "Perfect 7" Olympics in '72. 7 gold medals AND 7 world records, even Phelps couldn't quite match that in Beijing. 

Plus Spitz rocked the greatest moustache in sporting history - when asked about his moustache by a Russian coach prior to the ’72 Olympics, Spitz’ reply was that his moustache didn’t slow him down, and that it even deflected water away from his mouth improving his streamline...the following year all male Russian swimmers had a moustache!! 

Tell us one random interesting fact about yourself:

I passed Grade 2 Tap Dancing - trust me the flexibility from dancing is fantastic for swimming!

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