Paul Belcher

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Sport qualification: ASA Coach Level 1, Qualified FA Level 1 coach, ASA Time keeper, and LJ1 in training

Primary coach: N/A

Coaching experience:  

Took a 13 week football coaching course to enable my son to play for free whilst I was in the classroom.
During my 11 years of Karate, was an assistant to main instructor. Starting ASA level 1 coaching to enhance JL1 and beyond. Looking forward to the future with GSC

Sport experience:

Swam at school and achieved Gold Personal Survival Award, competed at several school competitions.

Started Karate at 17 and achieved 3 Dan Black Belt at 28. Switched to Ju-Jitsu and achieved Green Belt before seriously damaging my knee. Recently been a gym member, Pilates and back in the pool to keep fit.

A sport hero and why:

Sorry, can’t single out one.

Bruce Lee: Martial artist extraordinaire

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Holder of multiple body building championships and a multi millionaire businessman

Andy Murray: Wimbledon. How much pressure can a nation put on one person to perform and then even more when they win? Davic Cup; basically won it on his own.

Adam Peaty: Unable to hit a county time until he was 14 years old and breaks a world record 5 years later.

Usain Bolt: Fastest recorded man on the planet and he has a personality.

Tell us one random interesting fact about yourself:

My parents were horrified when I took up karate and offered me very little moral and no financial support thro-out. They even tried to stop me taking my first grading, which I passed, because I’d broken a bone in my hand and it was strapped up.

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