Grantham Swimming Club History - GSC Birthday 5th August 1925

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A Potted History of Grantham Swimming Club

The exact date of the formation of a swimming club in Grantham has been the source of great debate, over the years. A Grand Gala, to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee was held in 1985, based on a number of assumptions and historical detail, gleaned from documents such as the Grantham Journal:

On 26th July 1924, Mr Thorp, headmaster of the Central School, said he would like to see a men's swimming club in the town. The following month, swimming instruction in schools began. Minutes of the December 1984 AGM stated that the Minutes of the Founders Meeting has been discovered and an invitation for the Diamond Jubilee was sent out soon after, on 28th January 1985. No further details are known.

Apparently, no club had formerly existed, despite the fact that Wyndham pool was built in 1886, prior to the construction of the park itself. However, a reference has also been found in a December 1997 edition of the Grantham Journal, to a celebration by a Grantham. Swimming Club 100 years before but no further information is available.

It can only be surmised that the Club (almost) as we know it today started in 1924, becoming competitive the following year. Speculation continues as to the reasons for the demise of the previous organisation, with World War I being cited as likely; no references can be found in either the Journal sports pages, Harrison's or Palmer's Directories during the intervening years. Former Club Executives, quoted in the Harrison's Directory of 1931 are: J G Thorold — President; J C R Gardner — Chairman, J W Massey — Sports Captain and TWC Green Secretary.

The Minutes of the AGM held on 26th January 1965 refer to another Journal article, 36 vears previous, detailing the first sports meeting to be held by Grantham Swimming Club, in front of 200 spectators. An additional twist is found in a newsletter, dated May 1984, which states that Grantham Swimming Club was formed on 5th August 1924.

It was decided to follow with the fact that the Diamond Jubilee was held in 1985, making the year of formation 1925.

Stu Gould
Chairman GSC (2005)

Research by Mr J Aveling