Code of Conduct

Child Protection and Safeguarding
As a Swim England affiliated club we have adopted the WavePower guidance in full - more information can be found here

If you are a club member and you want to raise a concern, you can speak to any adult who is involved in the club whom you trust, and your concern will be dealt with. If you don’t feel able to talk to someone, sometimes it’s easier to write things down and pass on a note. Our club welfare officer is Gudrun Tagg who can be contacted anytime at

All club members should review and become familiar with GSC anti-bullying process which can be found as part of WavePower

Code of Ethics
Following investigation, should there be a breach of the Codes of Conduct (swimmer, volunteer or parent/carer) then the Club reserves the right to take action as deemed appropriate by the Head Coach and Committee. This action depending upon the circumstances could range from a warning through to, in the severest of incidents, expulsion from the Club.

2019/2020 Code of Conduct for Swimmers, Parents/Carers, Committee Members, Officials and Volunteers - can be viewed here