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Masters Information

The Grantham SC Masters are an integral part of the club and train on club nights alongside other squads following sessions set by the head coach. Masters train on:

  • Tuesday – 8.30-9.30pm
  • Thursdays – 8.00–9.00pm
  • Sundays – 7.00-8.00pm

The Masters squad are of mixed ability with some being previous club swimmers but many not. Most of our Masters swimmers compete at the Lincolnshire County Championships in October and often represent Lincolnshire in inter county galas.

Masters swimming offers an excellent opportunity for structured training and competition for adult swimmers aged 18 and over. There is no upper age limit and the ages of the Grantham Masters Squad presently ranges from 18 years of age to swimmers in their 70's and beyond and includes all levels of ability from fitness swimmers to the more competitive swimmers. We are a squad for adults of all ages who want to train with like-minded swimmers and we cater for most levels of swimmers. Most of our members joined because they either swum in past, or were swimming at local public sessions and wanted a bit more. We advise that you must be able to swim front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke, and be prepared to attempt butterfly from time to time as we may cover all strokes during a swimming session.

It may be possible to swim up to 3 times a week depending on your ability.

Please use the contact ( page and select Masters to leave us a message or please go to for information how to purchase swim tickets.

Visit the Masters Swimming Hub

Masters swimming is a special class of competitive swimming for swimmers 18 or 20 years or older (Canada, USA and Australia allow from 18 years old, while Europe allows from 20 years old). They compete within age groups of five years, determined by the swimmer's age on 31 December the year of the competition (in U.S. for meets held in non-metric pools, the age is determined as of the day of the competition):

Age Groups for individual events: A:25–29 (years old), B:30–34, C:35–39, D:40-44; E:45-49; F:50-54, G:55-59; H:60-64, I:65-69, J:70-74; K:75-79; L:80-84, M:85-89, N:90-94, P:95-99 and so on at 5-year increments as necessary.[1]

The rules and distances are nearly the same as for senior swimming. However, meet programs include 2 mixed (2 men/2 women) relay events in addition to the men's and women's relay events.

Age groups for the relay events is determined by the combined age of the team participants, allowing for swimmers of very different ages to compete together: A:100–119 (years old combined), B:120–159, C:160–199, D:200-239, E:240-279, F:280-319, G:320-359 and so on at 40-year increments as necessary.

Masters swimming is a fast-growing leisure activity, particularly in North America and Australia but also in Europe. Most towns or cities now have masters clubs. Typically these are very friendly and welcome newcomers. The minimum requirements to join a masters club vary widely, anywhere from the ability to swim one length of the pool to the ability to swim a kilometre without stopping. Club members will follow a set of different drills and swims each time typically covering anything from 1.5 km to 3.5 km. Each club will have lanes and so whilst the younger and faster swimmers who are competing nationally and regionally are at one end, the other lanes are for hobbyists who may have taken up swimming quite recently.

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