Live Results Winter Club Champs

Enjoying the swimming?

As you may know it takes around 45 volunteers to run a licensed swim meet. Volunteering can range from helping out setting up, all the way through to being the Referee. Every contribution helps!

The results from today’s meet are later in this document - however we wanted to share more on how the timing system works and encourage new people to get involved.

AOE Automated Officiating Equipment

This is the official name for all the kit that runs the timing at swim meets. It quite literally finishes with the timing pads!

Could you run the software ?

Are you handy with a screwdriver ? Reckon you could do this ?

The easiest way to start helping is with the setup and pack away of all the kit - whilst the video below is sped up the club record for pack away is 22 minutes! There are a few things you need to know before helping out...

Helping at the end of the gala whilst the children are getting changed is a huge help - just ask someone poolside at the end of the session and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Fancy sitting here? If you can point and click a mouse, enjoy swimming and can eat your body weight in sweets/fruit (delete as appropriate) this could be the place for you!
hot seat

Still looking for the results ? scroll down a bit further.....

Perhaps you are a bit more technical, if you know the difference between an Ethernet cable and an RS232 connector, YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU!!!

"Being a member of the AOE team is perhaps the most rewarding and exhilarating volunteer roles you can do for the club." David Lewis, ex president and AOE Guru.

Running and maintaining the AOE requires a breadth of skills. So, if you can help in anyway we need you on the team...

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So, Now you’re interested what next?

If you are in the stands as you read this please just come down at the end of the gala or during the breaks to talk to any of us poolside for more details. There are a few things you need to know before helping out...

Fancy volunteering but don’t feel the AOE Team is the place for you?

Don’t worry we’ve got a place for you as well! Through Swim Manager you can chose which roles you'd like to volunteer for at competitions. We’re also looking for a Swim Meet Manager to help moving forwards.


Grantham Swimming Club has also renewed it's SwimMark accreditation this year, if you don't fancy the AOE, how about SwimMark for next year ?

Click here for more information :


Like the AOE, SwimMark depends on volunteers.

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