Winter Club Champs 2019

Many thanks to the officials, coaches and volunteers who helped to get the first weekend of the Winter Club Champs going! We started the Club Champs off with a new club photo - so thank you swimmers and parents for being there on time on Saturday to help us make this happen - it's a fabulous team photo!

The first session on Saturday also saw the announcement of the new junior club captains - Thomas Thornton will take over junior club captain duties for the 2020 season from Elijah Halliday, and Sophie Leveridge will take over from Emily Parkins - well done Thomas and Sophie for being selected.

The 2 day competition also saw some fast swimming and great PBs with more county times being gained - so well done all! We finished off the weekend with the Skins competition - to be selected for Skins you need to be in the top 8 fastest for the 100IM in the category of Girls/Boys Aged 12/Under and Girls/Boys Aged 13/Over. Swimmers selected were:

Girls Aged 12/Under : Grace Turner, Emily Parkins, Francesa Hallam-Stott, Eloise Walker, Megan Brown, Lily-May Plenty and Cora Farley
Results : 1st - Grace Turner, 2nd - Emily Parkins, 3rd - Francesa Hallam-Stott

Boys Aged 12/Under : Joshua Clarke, Elijah Halliday, Max Kowalski, Daniel Degnan, Loban Melville, William Gray, James Nichols, Zach Hopkinson
Results : 1st - Joshua Clarke, 2nd - Elijah Halliday, 3rd - Daniel Degnan

Girls Aged 13/Over : Abigail Farkas, Chloe Hopkinson, Tiffany Wong, Connie Phillips, Sophie Ballard, Mia Ellis, Katie Rundle, Evie Turner
Results : 1st - Connie Phillips, 2nd - Chloe Hopkinson, 3rd - Mia Ellis

Boys Aged 13/Over : George Berwick, James Dobney, Billy Reed, Cade Deaves, Sam Leveridge, Thomas Perks, Jake Baty
Results : 1st - James Dobney, 2nd - Sam Leveridge, 3rd - George Berwick

Well done again to everyone and we look forward to the next weekend of racing for the 800m Free, 400m Free and 400IM.